Green for God’s sake

We dropped off our RV ( named him Howard) to be converted to run on veggie oil yesterday. The conversion shop is called Green Eye Autos and is located in Eugene, Oregon. Not only is our trip now nearly carbon neutral, it will eventually cost us much less. The conversion should be around $3,300. With diesel prices at around $4.80 per gallon, and Howard (or as Serenity calls it “The Beast,” I personally like Howard), getting around 10-12 miles per gallon, if we drive around 7,500 miles (which we will), we will break even. Anything above 7,500 is money saved.

Another motivation is to have an opportunity to talk with people we might not ever talk to, it’s a conversation starter. People will (and already have) ask: “You’re doing what?” “How does that work?”

I’m sure Clark and his crew at Green Eye Autos will do a wonderful job converting Howard. This is just one more step the Lord has for us as we go out to convert believers and non-believers to see the true Jesus.


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