Working on Howard

I spent the past weekend at my parent’s house working on our RV, trying to make it somewhat liveable for 5 people, 3 of them being children.  It was a long weekend – we worked around 36 hours in 3 days.  Couldn’t have done it without my dad, he was an excellent cabinet maker and overall craftsman.  He had all the tools and expertise we needed.

First we tore out the old carpet and put in bamboo flooring, stained it, and eventually put a finishing seal on it.  This will make it much easier to clean up dirty feet and spills, plus it looks nice.

We also took out the table for two, which took up too much room and obviously wasn’t practical, and replaced it with a oak bar and three stools.

Lastly, instead of having a queen bed in the back bedroom, we designed a system that raised the level of the floor around the bed and then we carpeted the entire thing.  Now that can be a bedroom by night and a playroom by day for the kids.  We will sleep on the front pull out couch.

Check out the pics.


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