5 Days and Counting…

With 5 days left before lift off, God is doing some amazing things. Last Sunday the four of us and Avery had the opportunity to share at Horizon Christian Church’s Young adult group. What an amazing group of people. Thank you Alex and Lisa for given us the chance to share about God’s love for the homeless and for being excited to support us as we go. 

Here’s an update from the Fidanzo Fam:

-Jenn and I sold the Hyundai today. It sold in less than 24 hours. Hallelujah!

-“Frankie” our RV will be in Eugene until Saturday getting converted to run off WVO. (Waste Vegetable Oil)

-We’re living at my parent’s house until Monday. (good thing we love each other:))

-A family who wishes not to receive any glory and wishes to be remain anonymous bought us a $1000 notebook computer for the road. Thank you!

We’ll that’s whats happening so far. We’re just trying to keep our focus on Jesus and the passion and purpose behind this new way of living. Thanks for your prayers. Now is the time the Enemy will do everything he can do discourage our group before we go. So I urge everyone to pray fervently that Satan will be bound at this time. Please pray that Coulombe’s house will sell this weekend and someone will adopt their awesome dog Kenobi. Their resolve to follow the Lord is inspiring. They will leave whether they have a mortgage or not. They know God is in control, but lets pray that the house sells, so Satan will not have a tool to try to distract us from our mission.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

For the Almighty’s Glory 



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