We are off!!!

Here is a run down of the past 5 days:

Thursday – finished up school, and really, I don’t remember that far back.  Took back our second brand new laptop because it wasn’t working with the cellular card (I got to know the guys at AT&T on a first name basis).

Friday – Began the Tetris game trying to fit 4 years of living in the house, collecting stuff we really didn’t need, and some stuff that we did, and fitted it in to an RV the size of our old living room.

Saturday – Continued Tetris, drove to our one storage unit in St. Helens.

Sunday – Went to Grace Chapel to show off the RVs and get a send off from the congregation, thank you, it was fun!  In the afternoon, Serenity’s parents and sister and brother-in-law came over and helped clean up and pack – stayed up until 4am working – delirious

Monday woke up at 7am, began cleaning and packing.  Tetris game complete, and we won.


We felt your prayers, thank you.  It was crazy, but we felt at peace, and I think that is just the beginning of feeling out of control while completely in the will of God.

On 3 hours of sleep, we aren’t sure how far we will make it, but we are going.  KEEP PRAYING!


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  1. Giving your life away to the Lord is always an adventerous journey! Think of Paul, shipwrecked, inprisoned, beaten…..”Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in ALL of your ways acknowledge Him and HE WILL carry you through!” Praying for you all’.

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