The River of Life, Boise Rescue Mission

Today, the four of us, with Ally and Eva (Avery got to spend the night with his new little friend, Brock, the son of our wonderful hospitality friends) went to the River of Life to meet with the volunteer coordinator, Glenn Compton.  He gave us the grand tour along with much explanation and stories that went along with the building.  The River of Life is the main Rescue Mission, placed right downtown near a few other shelters and hang out places for the homeless.  They have created quite a peaceful, organized, and safe place for many men, women and children of the Boise area.  It was encouraging to see that many other church bodies have put in many hours and resources to help make the Boise Rescue Mission as nice as it is.  Another thing that we have been encouraged by is the heart of all these people who work at the Mission.  Many of them know that Jesus as the only way, allowing much grace and mercy to cover their work there. 

For lunch, Andy and Tim got behind the counter with the cook and dished out spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad while Jenn and I sat at one of the tables with the girls and talked with a few hot and hungry men.  Jenn and I had the opportunity to listen to a guy named Thomas.  He had recently become clean from using meth in Spokane and brought himself to the Mission.  He has found Jesus and has made a decision to change his life.  I was so excited to see his passion for the Truth and transparency as he spoke about his past.  Praise the Lord for His Redeeming Love!

Serenity for Mustard Seed


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