Getting Dirty

Wednesday we worked in the garden at Vinyard Christian Fellowship with Mr. Bill.  Mr. Bill is in charge of the garden and spends about 40 hours per week working and making it the best that he can with the resources that he has. He was so blessed that we came from out of town to serve, and of course the timing was perfect.  When Mr. Bill would introduce us to others and they would ask where we were from, Mr. Bill said matter-of-factly, “they’re from God.”  

At 66 years old Mr. Bill was living the good life.  With all the money he could want, he was sport fishing around the world and playing golf five days a week.  Then God took it all away, and he said that was the best thing that ever could have happened to him.  He found the Lord, and at 72 he is richer that he’s ever been.  He works the garden to have something to give to those in need.  And he can’t wait to give the glory to God.

VCF has a community building right next to the garden that is open twice a week and offers free medical care, and funcions as a food bank, among other things.  When people go through the food bank, they get a voucher for the garden where they are able to get whatever the garden has produced.  No questions asked. 

Thank you Jesus that you are stiring the hearts of your children to love the unlovable.

Jenn 4 mustardseedministries


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