So we made it to Spokane.  We are currently (Saturday) staying at a church called Jacob’s Well.  Last Thursday Tim and I went on a greasehunt to try to find enough grease to make it to Spokane.  We found two 15 gallon containers to store it in, borrowed Dan Bingaman’s Toyota truck (thanks Dan, I hope the veggie oil washed out), and drove down the boulevard looking for grease.  At our second stop, Qdoba Mexican Grill, we found 20 gallons – we were stoked.  Then we hit a dry spell – 30 or so restraunts later we still had 20 gallons.  Many restraunts told us yes, but they had really bad grease.  We called it good and went back in for lunch.  We headed back out and by 7pm we found another 40 or so gallons (a little place called Taco John’s and Cafe Ole).   60 gallons was enough to get us nearly to Spokane, but we knew we would need more.  So on our way through Pendleton, Oregon we stopped at Wild Horse Casino and got another 40 gallons.  We were set!  100 gallons is worth approximately $480. 


Greasehunting is a dirty job, but it can be fun.  I guess you could equate it to panning for gold – it’s tough to find, it is dirty in the mud, but you can find a chunk of gold.


Andy for Mustard Seed Ministries


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