Melody Mountain Hotel

 Oh the memories that flooded in as we pulled up to Meacham, OR!!!  On our way to Spokane (yes, I’m a little late with this post), I just couldn’t pass up stopping to see my cousin, Lon Thornburg, and his family who own and run a huge piece of property called Melody Moutain Hotel.  It has been in the family since my Uncle Herschel, Lon’s dad, bought it to run kid’s camps, summer camps, art camps, and whatever was laid on his heart by the Lord.  Lon now runs it with his wife, Rhonda and 6 year old son, Landon.  They host retreats mainly and often have groups, such as youth groups, come in just to help keep the hotel and property of 60+ acres running.  If you are interested in this opportunity, we can give you more information. 

The hotel was built in 1897 right on the railroad line to serve the community, then of 3000.  It is MUCH smaller town now that the mills have mostly been shut down. 

My family had a couple huge family reunions out at Melody Mountain.  I had a good chuckle when I remembered the story about how my cousin, Eric, peed all over my other cousin, Joel, as he just couldn’t wait any longer for the use of the rickety outhouse right outside our cabin.  I also grew up going to art camp there over the summers and I was thrilled to see it again, hiking around, reminiscing about campfires in the teepee, my first kiss, exploring the old hotel, sleeping in the attic, playing huge games of capture of the flag, and as we walked around I watched my kids have a complete blast frolicing around the grounds that I once froliced on.  Such a blessing.

Lon and his son, Landon, welcomed us in, fed us a scrumtious dinner, shared stories with us, let us have a soak in the hot tub, gave us a sweet hint about getting grease at the Wildhorse casino down the road, encouraged us and prayed for us before we left the next morning.  Perfect!  Thank you Lon!  It was so good to see you!

Along with his work at the Hotel, Lon works as a speech pathologist, using different technology to help improve kids’ lives.  Here is a link to his thoughts and ponderings:




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