Gus the Grizzly

Enough Said!


God’s beautiful creation

We are enjoying the beautiful sights of Yellowstone National Park now!  We saw a HUGE herd of bison yesterday along with a coyote (even though I was the only one to see it), a moose, some elk, lots of stinky geysers, amazing meadows with rivers and creeks running through them, lovely flowers that flow over the meadows, big majestic mountains, and huge waterfalls that have put us in awe.  We have enjoyed some time of just being a tourist and enjoying the scenery.  Just wait to see the pictures!

No bears yet!  We’re actually expecting some hungry bears to sniff out our veggie oil- Jenn and I woke up a few times the first night trying to listen for growlings and snortings outside our rigs.

The kids are having a blast playing in the dirt at the campsite and having a place to play freely without dealing with a crazy mommy and daddy trying to keep their kids from being hit by cars. 

I think today might be a day to hang out at the campsite for the Coulombe family and a day to go out and see the many more sights for the Fidanzo fam. 

Wish many of you were here to enjoy this with us!  Take a moment to breathe in God’s beauty today, nomatter where you are.

Traveling, laundry, grease hunts, dumping, filling and children

Hmmm…this is an odd mix, isn’t it?  Yep, that’s how we do it out here in Bozeman, Montana!

I just wrote a friend about our day and realized it was probably something all of you out there should know about also.  Yes, we did all of these things today- with children. 

We stayed last night in Great Falls, Montana, in the Walmart parking lot and headed out this morning, after finding some good grease at Taco John’s, at about 11am.  Drove south for over 3 hours and landed in Bozeman (almost to Bozeman had to stop and change Big Buster’s filter after dying in the middle of an intersection).  Found the closest laundromat so the girls could do the huge loads of laundry while the guys went and searched for more grease to top off before Yellowstone.  Realized it was 6:30, folded laundry, and heaved everyone into the RV’s to get some Taco Smell.  The guys tooks showers, we did the dishes, and headed over to the dump and fill station.  Dumped our poop, filled the water tanks, and headed over to the Bozeman Walmart parking lot to stay.  The kids were finally in bed at 10:30.  Glorious bedtime!

There are many days where this is life for us.  We have to do these normal, everyday maintenance things, ok maybe finding waste veggie oil and dumping your poop isn’t so normal- but it is necessary!

And like Tim says, these are the “trying days”.  When you’re dirty, hot, stinky, tired of chasing kids around the laundromat, trying to desperately keep them from killing people with the rolling laundry baskets, tired of trying to find grease, and bored from looking at the white and blue Walmart signs.  The only wonderful thing about all of this is that we get to do it together.  We are not alone. 

Montana is beautiful country.  We got to see a huge rainbow right before an amazing lightening and thunder storm hit.  God does keep his promises.  We are not alone.  He is always with us, no matter what.

Seren for MSM

Just an FYI

The other day Avery informed us that he had changed “Howard’s” name to “Big Buster.”  It was so fitting we decided he was right.

Downtown Spokane

Jesus in Calgary

Coming into Calgary we didn’t have many contacts or know a lot of people who were excited about loving the homeless. Still God has shown up (or been here the whole time). Here’s a couple of examples.

The Coulombe family eating outside their RV (Big Buster!) and Dennis walks up and talks to Andy for over an hour. Allowing Dennis to experince Christ in Andy and let the Holy Spirit do his thing.Then Jenn and I run into Paul & Frank as we walk Charlie around the streets of the city. It’s funny how many people stop and talk to our families either because of cute kids or a cute dog. We got to talk to them for 15 mintues and pray for them before we left.


Tim 4 MSM

1 Month & Counting

It’s been a whole month and were still alive and kicking. Hopefully, from reading our other post you can get a sense of the different things God has done for us as we’ve been out here on the road. We all are confident in our calling to first love each other and second, to love the poor and the marginalized. God has allowed us to do this by bringing along fellow believers in each city to give us parking, support, and encouragement, as well as giving us opportunities to allow Christ to work through us, touching the poor in each community.  

For 1 month our two families, the Coulombes and Fidanzos have been on the road learning to live a life of love and obedience. Mostly, we have learned a little bit more about each other and what it means to live in constant community with another family. Not an easy task-even when Christ and His love are at the center of your relationship. Yet, we are unfied and we love each other. Thank you Lord for being our glue.

We want to thank everyone who has been praying or has supported us on our journey. We can honestly feel your prayers and love with each little miracle that occurs. Please keep them coming. Right now we are in Calgary and will be going to a downtown park to sit and eat pizzas with the growing homeless population. Pray that we are able to bring Life with us, Life being Jesus Christ.

For His Glory, Honor, and Praise

Tim 4 MSM

The Canadian Rockies

One of my hobbies is backpacking.  I love to backpack, but I’m kinda a sissy.  I’m a pack mule.  Give me a 50 lb. pack and flat land and I can pack it 15+ miles in a day.  As soon as the elevation starts to gain, I want nothing to do with it.  Last summer I went on a backpacking trip with my brother in the North Cascades in Washington.  It was a beautiful trip, most of the trail was along a river, it crossed it several times, and ended next to several glacier carved lakes.  However, in 1.5 miles the trail gained 2,500 ft. in elevation.  Not much fun in my book, but time with my brother was worth it.

I couldn’t help thinking about that trip while we drove through the Canadian Rockies the past few days.  We drove through Revelstoke, Glacier, Yoho, and Banff National Parks – it was amazing.  It brought the Third Day song “These Thousand Hills” to mind:

These thousand hills roll ever on
Footprints of a Mighty God
They bring me to my knees in praise
Amazing love, amazing grace

Here are a few pics.

Andy for Mustard Seed Ministries