Thank you Jacob’s Well

Our hearts have been so moved by the amount of Light that is shining through this group of believers here at Jacob’s Well.  We have not felt led to really look around and meet any other ministries or church bodies here.  We know that the Lord placed us here to get a concentrated dose on what He is doing in this neighborhood. 

We have been specifically encouraged just by the hospitality these people have shown us.  The door has been opened with warm smiles wherever we go, people are randomly coming to our rvs just to talk with us, we are getting our bellies filled with lots of yummy food and I can say that I have seen the Body of Christ truly coming alive in this area. 

Honestly, it is a little scary for me coming into a town, a church and a neighborhood that we don’t know anyone.  And even more awkward is asking for help, asking to park our 2 huge rv’s somewhere for week or more, and invading somebody’s space in the last minute.  They don’t know us from Adam, but they give us use of their building, let us wash our dishes at their house, invite us to shower in their fully functioning bathrooms, they bring the kids sidewalk chalk the first day we get there, etc. 

That is a miracle folks.  The family of God is here and it is awake!  I take this as a challenge to all of us who believe in the kingdom of God and want this world to change- to open our homes to the unexpected, welcome strangers with a warm smile, and overwhelm them with a Love that cannot be explained.

Thank you Eric and LeeElla, Jim and Linda, Blaine and Kellie, Kevin and Mandy!  We will pray for God’s love to continue to be released in this place.  Thank you Jacob’s Well for welcoming us.  We hope to see you all again!

Seren for MSM


2 Responses

  1. Hey you know that Spokompton is my stomping ole stomping ground right? did you see my sister at Jacob’s well on Sunday night? I got your e-mail update and told her about it cause she is looking for a church since she just moved back .. . she said she was going to check it out!
    Take care!!!

  2. No…no…no…we thank you, for your ministry, new friendship, faith and witness. We pray the Lord will show you He has prepared great things ahead to both become and to do. You all rock and we look forward to reading about the ongoing exploits ahead….like where you will be watching UFC 87 😉

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