Windstorms and WIFI

We are currently in Christina Lake, BC and are heading out today for Kelowna, BC for a wedding of a friend of ours on Saturday.  Last night we had 80mph winds that snapped trees in our RV park and made us look for the nearest parking lot without trees.  Tim summed it up with one phrase: “Nature is amazing.”  Everything cooled down and we headed back for a weenie roast and marshmallows.

This is basically an informational post.  We will be charged $0.79 / minute on our cells for any calls, and $0.02 / kilobite for Internet, so understand that if we don’t communicate well over the next few weeks it isn’t because we died, or we don’t love you, it is because AT&T and Canada don’t mix.

Phone calls might not happen, and emails and website updates will depend on the WIFI connections we come across.  Peace.

Andy for Mustard Seed Ministries.


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