Traveling, laundry, grease hunts, dumping, filling and children

Hmmm…this is an odd mix, isn’t it?  Yep, that’s how we do it out here in Bozeman, Montana!

I just wrote a friend about our day and realized it was probably something all of you out there should know about also.  Yes, we did all of these things today- with children. 

We stayed last night in Great Falls, Montana, in the Walmart parking lot and headed out this morning, after finding some good grease at Taco John’s, at about 11am.  Drove south for over 3 hours and landed in Bozeman (almost to Bozeman had to stop and change Big Buster’s filter after dying in the middle of an intersection).  Found the closest laundromat so the girls could do the huge loads of laundry while the guys went and searched for more grease to top off before Yellowstone.  Realized it was 6:30, folded laundry, and heaved everyone into the RV’s to get some Taco Smell.  The guys tooks showers, we did the dishes, and headed over to the dump and fill station.  Dumped our poop, filled the water tanks, and headed over to the Bozeman Walmart parking lot to stay.  The kids were finally in bed at 10:30.  Glorious bedtime!

There are many days where this is life for us.  We have to do these normal, everyday maintenance things, ok maybe finding waste veggie oil and dumping your poop isn’t so normal- but it is necessary!

And like Tim says, these are the “trying days”.  When you’re dirty, hot, stinky, tired of chasing kids around the laundromat, trying to desperately keep them from killing people with the rolling laundry baskets, tired of trying to find grease, and bored from looking at the white and blue Walmart signs.  The only wonderful thing about all of this is that we get to do it together.  We are not alone. 

Montana is beautiful country.  We got to see a huge rainbow right before an amazing lightening and thunder storm hit.  God does keep his promises.  We are not alone.  He is always with us, no matter what.

Seren for MSM


2 Responses

  1. You guys ROCK!!

    Just know we are praying for you guyz everyday and I know it is going to be an AWESOME year for each of you!!

    We love you guys,

    Jim & Linda from Spokane…

  2. Great post. You had me chuckling. 🙂 We’re planning an RV trip across the USA sometime in the near future. It was fun reading about your experiences.

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