God’s beautiful creation

We are enjoying the beautiful sights of Yellowstone National Park now!  We saw a HUGE herd of bison yesterday along with a coyote (even though I was the only one to see it), a moose, some elk, lots of stinky geysers, amazing meadows with rivers and creeks running through them, lovely flowers that flow over the meadows, big majestic mountains, and huge waterfalls that have put us in awe.  We have enjoyed some time of just being a tourist and enjoying the scenery.  Just wait to see the pictures!

No bears yet!  We’re actually expecting some hungry bears to sniff out our veggie oil- Jenn and I woke up a few times the first night trying to listen for growlings and snortings outside our rigs.

The kids are having a blast playing in the dirt at the campsite and having a place to play freely without dealing with a crazy mommy and daddy trying to keep their kids from being hit by cars. 

I think today might be a day to hang out at the campsite for the Coulombe family and a day to go out and see the many more sights for the Fidanzo fam. 

Wish many of you were here to enjoy this with us!  Take a moment to breathe in God’s beauty today, nomatter where you are.


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  1. Yes – that is beeeautiful country! My husband Chris was traveling through there on a work trip just a few weeks ago and saw both a black bear and grizzly so keep your eyes peeled! I am so glad you are keeping a blog – I thoroughly enjoy following your journey! Just like when my husband travels for work, I feel like I am there too experiencing it vicariously. Continuing to lift you up in prayer…
    Casey Stark

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