Day in the park

Spent most of today in the Lafayette, CO city park.  We took the kids swimming for a few hours, one of their favorite activities, and then BBQ hamburgers.  Tim had a great idea to offer a burger to a guy who had been sitting on the other side of the basketball court since we had been there.  Jorge, a 17 year-old aspiring artist is currently doing graffiti style artwork that says “one truth” on Tim and Jenn’s RV and “one hope” on Big Buster.  He’s a great kid, has gone through quite a bit, but God has something for him.

God gave us this appointment.  Sometimes you know that the appointment was for you, like when we met Craig and Karen Leoni in the Grand Tetons.  Karen was a great encouragement to us, their kids were awesome and played great with our’s, and Craig is amazing with problem solving really annoying RV issues.  Like he said “RV stands for ‘Ruined Vacation.'”  Other times you know that the appointment was for the person you came across, you offered them food, water, prayer, and a little reflection of Jesus.  And still other times, you just don’t know, you feel blessed to have the opportunity to love somebody just because they are loved by Christ, and at the same time get free artwork painted on the back of your RV.  I can only hope that Jorge sees Jesus in us and is intrigued, interested and drawn to what he sees.


One Response

  1. It is so wonderful to hear about what Jesus is doing through each of you. Thank you for sharing even the seemingly mundane details (like laundry carts) with us. We get a much clearer picture of what life looks like for you.
    Please know that we are praying for you all. Thank you for what you are teaching us through your life and these experiences.
    God’s richest blessing,

    PS – got a photo of the new graffiti?

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