The family of God

Its about time we update this, huh? 

Over the last few days we have been adjusting ourselves into Denver and Joshua Station. 

Joshua Station has welcomed us into their small community of families.  We are parked in the back of the building enjoying the shade right against the wall.

There are lots of opportunities for us to join in the lives of these families, here at Joshua Station .  We will be making some of our meals in the big kitchen/dining room, we will be hanging out at the front office area to catch up on the lastest news as folks come through or sit and chat, we will have the kids play on the big playground and meet the many other children who live here.  Tim and Jenn even did some babysitting last night for the women’s bible study!  And on Saturday afternoon we are inviting the whole place to a bbq!  We’ll be doing some face painting and water balloon tossing too!  We are excited to be a small part of this place and see how God is transforming the lives of these families. 

During our time of working with the homeless community we have seen how much of a grip the enemy has on the family unit.  Addictions, abuse, poverty, and mental illness are a just a few of the ways Satan gets at God’s children, but ultimately he is desperate to injure the family of God.  I’m still trying to figure out if he goes for the individual to attack the family or if he goes for the family to attack the individual.  In each situation he looks for the weakest in Spirit.  We, as the Church, must know the hope we have in Jesus so our spirits can be strong for the family of God.

Seren for MSM


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