Goodbye Denver!

It was hard to say goodbye this time.  It has been hard every time, but this time seemed a little more bittersweet.  I felt like we started to become part of the family at Joshua Station.  They welcomed us with open arms and then wrapped our arms around them as we departed. God is doing so much there and there is so much more He wants to do.  We will give a better explanation of what we saw in the next post.

It was so good to see friends from home and spend some time catching up and enjoying the presence of folks who know us and love us.  Thank you Carlocks and Geisbrechts for letting us come and invade your homes- may you be blessed for your hospitality and friendship!  Guys from CLG- it was SO good to see you all!

To those at Sox Place, Scum of the Earth and St. Francis, thank you for letting us take part in the work and fellowship that you do with those who often get forgotten.  We will pray for much favor as you pour out your hearts, your grunt work, and your resources into the Kingdom of God.

Goodbye friends!  We pray that God reveals more of His heart to all of you and gives you a passion to work out the calling He has on your life with perseverance, joy, hope and faith.

Seren for MSM


One Response

  1. Kaloom’s, Safe journeys. I was awesome to see you guys. I wish I could have brought the whole family. We love you guys and miss you! Keep up the good work!

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