Cherith Brook

We had a great day yesterday, working with the folks over at Cherith Brook, a hospitality house in the tradition of the Catholic worker.  Eric, one of the founders of the house, is a Presbyterian pastor.  He lives there with his wife Jodi and their two kids, as well as Steven, who has retired and works peace and justice, as well as Sarah a single mother.  There are two houses right next door to one another that Cherith Brook uses and owns.  Each morning the group opens their doors to allow the poor and disenfranchised to come in and take showers, enjoy a simple breakfast and have a warm cup of coffee while enjoying a good conversation in a safe place.  This is truly the kingdom of God here on earth, this group of believers simply live in the abandoned places of this empire while opening their doors to guests who need to feel safe and not only hear about our Savior, but see Him work and serve them.  Jodi introduced us to her “work” explaining that she has the opportunity to serve Jesus every morning, in the guests who walk through their doors.

Serenity and I, as well as the kids, enjoyed working outside in the garden with Eric, cleaning up their zuccini vines, spreading soil and laying down mulch and newspaper.  We had a wonderful conversation with Eric, as he explained the process he and Jodi went through on this road we call life to end up loving Jesus in such a simple way in downtown Kansas City, MO.  Tim and Jenn got the opportunity to serve breakfast inside with Jodi, talk with some of the guests from the neighborhood, and participate in a common and simple demonstration of Christ’s love.

The work that these new friends are doing at Cherith Brook is close to our hearts.  I could envision doing something similar in a marginalized neighborhood in North Portland, or Boston, or Phoenix, wherever people are broken — and I think Christ would show up every day.

Andy for Mustard Seed Ministries


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  1. This brought tears to my eyes! I know Christ will show up everyday. i love you. MOM

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