God appointments

Yesterday was full of God appointments!  We were able to hook up with the Urban Vineyard church in Chicago.  Pasor Ray welcomed us to park in their parking lot (even though it ended up being too small and we scraped their sidewalk trying to get in).  And lo and behold, the small group of folks, from Urban Vineyard, who have just recently started a homeless ministry, were getting together to pray and talk about their vision that evening!  So after trying to configure our rv’s on the side streets of Chicago, in front of the church, we all piled into the church van with the homeless ministry group and headed over to some gal’s house.  By the time we got to her house it was 7:30pm and I was convinced all the kids would have meltdowns before we even started eating pizza.  But God poured out his peace over the kids while all of us had a great time talking, eating and praying for each other.

What a random God moment!  He put all of us together at the perfect moment to encourage, tell stories, and build one another up for the purpose of His kingdom.  It was so good to meet you, Juan, John, Larry, Tanda and Rachel!  Thank you all for inviting complete strangers to come, share and commune with you!

Last night we fell asleep to many sirens, honking, the el-train and downpours of rain.  Both rvs have leaks- please pray for dry weather so we can let it dry and then patch the roof!

Seren for MSM


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