The Big Buster Fiasco

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news from Illinois, it is raining in Chicago.  Day and night, night and day it is raining.  Here is a picture of the flooding.

So we needed somewhere to park Big Buster because we were headed to Jesus People USA for a week, and there isn’t much RV parking in downtown Chicago.  We were offered a place to park by a guy who is part of Reba Place Fellowship and owns a vacant lot in Evanston.  He showed us were it was and then drove off.  The whole place was washed over in mud, so you couldn’t tell where the asphalt ended and where the dirt started.  I tried to keep it as close to the right as possible, but about 30 ft. in were branches from a tree that I had to avoid.  As I steered left we began to sink.  We got all the way up to our axle and storage containers along the entire driver side.  The view from the back had us tilted almost to where it looked like it would just tip over.  I spent 2 hours digging out the entire driver side so that when the tow truck pulled us out they didn’t scrape the undercarriage.  The tow company had to get the “extra-duty” truck, but they got it out. No damage.

I was thinking as I helplessly looked at the back of the RV tilting to one side: What if the earth swallowed up Big Buster? What if this was the end of our trip?  His answer: I would point you in a different direction, I would bless you in a different way, the world would not end, and in some ways, it might end up being better, because you would have a story to tell. Big Buster (unfortunately) will be destroyed by moths and rust, our God is much bigger than that box I was putting Him in.  The Lord rushed in and gave me a sense of peace and almost tranquility about the situation.  God is good – ALL THE TIME!

This is what Serenity and the kids did while I was digging.

And although the Lord didn’t take away Big Buster, we still have a story.

Andy for Mustard Seed Ministries


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  2. We are praising with you that all is safe, Yes, God IS GOOD all the time!!! Love you all, CANDJ

  3. Glad to have met Jenn and Tim last night at Reba. You are doing a good work and serving Christ’s body in a special way. Although we want you to continue in the adventure God has you on, my wife and I hope you’ll hang in Chicago as long as possible! 🙂

  4. Andy, when I saw these pics of Big Buster I am grateful you got out with no damage! Wonderful to hear the testimonials of how God is at work and has made appointments for you. We will pray for more God appointments for you here in the Cleveland area when you arrive Monday or Tuesday! -Randy

  5. So sorry you got stuck in the mud, trying to figure out who that was at Reba with the empty lot. Folks kept asking who is that big van sitting next to the church from Mustard Seed Ministries. Ironically, Reba Place Fellowship had a small group that went by the same name. This was when Reba was Reba and we had 16 small groups and were exclusively a communal fellowship. Great to see the pictures of the park that sits behind the apartment building where we have lived for 30 years. As they say in the south where my wife is from, “Y’all come back now, Ya’ hear.

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