Helping out at Cornerstone Community Outreach

We had a great time helping out at Jesus People’s homeless shelter and food bank.  They have a food bag program on Wednesdays and let folks go through and fill their sacks with lots of packaged foods, some produce, some meats, and possibly some eggs, cheese and milk.  Random grocery stores and other food businesses have offered to give some of the items that they cannot sell anymore but are still perfectly good.  I was amazed at the amount of food that was brought in.  We handed out water and juice with the kids giving us the extra help we needed.  The director of the shelter was walking around prior to opening telling everyone how much of each product should be given out to each person saying, “we’re trying to feed the entire neighborhood here people!”  And it seemed like we did, over 275 people walked through in two hours.  It was chaotic, and at times stressful, but underneath the chaos we met Ira who had been volunteering at Cornerstone Community Outreach for the past two years helping with the food bag program.  She is over 70 and still wants to serve others.

I was even able to carry the bags of groceries back to a lady’s apartment named Nancy, she lived about 10 blocks away.  She had been through some rough times, but was out of the shelter and now lived in a halfway house for homeless folks.  She needed help because she just had surgery to repair the ACL ligament in her knee and to repair the cornia in her right eye.  She was on crutches and needed some help.  At first Nancy was hesitant to speak with me, but eventually she started to tell her story and talk a little more about her issues and problems.  She simply needed someone to listen to her talk about her struggles.  I carried the bags all the way to her apartment and she walked me back downstairs, thanking me profusely and talking about how Jesus was with her — the funny thing, I never said anything about Jesus — until then.  I was then able to talk to her about her walk with God, where she went to church, if she had Jesus in her heart, she did by the way.  All of this started by simply listening.

Andy for Mustard Seed Ministries


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