Veggie Oil Ratings

So I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but a while back we added a segment on the left hand column of our website called “currently running our RVs on vegetable oil from . . . ”  Next to the name of the restaurant we pumped the grease from is a number in parentheses.  Tim and I have a rating system we use when discussing grease.  Usually when we pull up behind a restaurant to look in the grease bin, only one of us gets out to look inside.  When the lone scout returns the discussion usually goes a little something like this: “It looks like around a 7, about 50 gallons.  Do you want to go in and ask or do you want me to?”  Our rating system goes as follows:

1 – straight fat, usually makes Tim dry heave

2 – some grease, some fat, probably smells terrible and stays with you for a while

3 – possibly garbage or something else (we saw a dead bird in one grease bin)

4 – some grease, but a fatty sludge floating in it as well

5 – this is the lowest rating that we actually use.  A 5 is not fatty, but very dark.  The managers of these restaurants get the most out of their grease, but hey, it still drives.

6 – slightly lighter, and no fat

7 – an amber color, looks a little closer to what fuel should look like

8 – similar to a nice pale ale, but I wouldn’t drink it

9 – we call a “9” — Qdoba grease.  This stuff looks like honey, and drives just as smooth

10 – SVO or straight vegetable oil — we’ve never gotten this stuff for free.

Not all nationwide chains have the same rating.  For example, we looked in Sonic grease bins a dozen times and didn’t want anything to do with it, but the Sonic in Rock Springs, WY, was an 8.  One nationwide chain has continually recieved the same low rating – Outback Steakhouse.  Take it from us, beware of the bloomin’ onion.


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  1. i dig the ratings system.

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