The Well

The four of us adults went with The Well, a group from Willoughby Hills Friends Church, who visit the mens’ and womens’ shelters on Monday nights. The women and men separate for the shelters, spread out donated items for folks to take what they need and some snacks to share while they hang out.

The Well also takes up two entire rooms at the church building full of donated items, mainly clothing, to help the shelters, families in the church and neighbors.  What a resource!!  We have been able to help them a bit with organizing and sorting the recently donated items.  They also have a GREAT food pantry and grocery system to help families in need make it to the end of the month.

During this time of economic crisis, many working class families have felt the effects.  There are SO many people who are living month to month, literally- no savings, very little health benefits if any, with most of their extended family in the same situation.  As we come into the winter season, heating bills will increase, doctor bills will increase because of colds, flu, etc.  Please keep your eyes and ears open for those in need.  The Lord desires for the Body to be available for our neighbors’ bodies, minds and hearts.


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