Community with Jubilee House

We joined the Jubilee House (where we are staying) for their community dinner last night.  They have it every Tuesday for neighbors, friends, kids and whoever else needs a little community in their life.  We had a random collection of leftovers and talked with a few folks from around the area.

Dinner included a wild mix of people- a group of teenage girls, a mentally disabled man (Rob), a few homeless folks, a few people who live at the house, a few people who live around the area who have it pretty rough at home and then us.  It was good.  I have grown to really like diversity, it makes life more interesting.

Afterwards they have a Bible Study time- one for men and one for women, nothing formal or very structured, just a time to ask questions and study some Scripture.  I decided to join in with the women’s study, which actually turned out to be a combined group this time.

Honestly, it was a little awkward.  Just a random sleu of mostly baby Believers getting together to study the Bible.

I helped Rob find Bible verses the whole time as he oohed and ahhed over my “quick finding skills”.  One of the men had a few verses that he wanted to talk about which didn’t go as smoothly as he had hoped.  Some of them went off on tangents about their neighbor or their friend’s friend.  Missy, who was kind of facilitating the discussion did well at veering everyone back on topic quite a few times.  Some of them barely talked the entire time.  Considering the tangents and oohing and ahhing, I think we covered some ground.

But besides “covering ground or getting things accomplished”, as I sat back, listened, and looked around, I heard the Lord say, “This is good and beautiful. This is my Kingdom.”  As awkward or haphazard it was, God was smiling to see that His children were getting together to talk about Him.  I was able to see a little glimpse of the beauty He saw as we all sat together in the little chapel room.

God is not asking us to be complicated, super-structured, or intense intellectuals.  He is asking us to be like children.  Sitting in that group last night was beautiful.  Thank you Lord for your beautiful children.



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