things we’ve learned

After 4 months of traveling and learning how to live on the road with our family, God has stretched and moved in many ways in our own hearts and minds.  It is hard for us to really put it all into words but we wanted to make an attempt to communicate with those of you who are praying, encouraging and following us on this journey.  These are just a few things He has been helping us process and see with His eyes:

“Kingdom perspective” and “Jesus lives in us”

Before we left home the Lord had been speaking to Andy and I about this.  He had given us much joy through our times downtown when we communed with many of the homeless under the Burnside Bridge.  Often times we saw little glimpses of what the Kingdom of God should look like.  Diversity, equality, and the freedom to pray, worship and talk about our Savior.  We must continue to remind ourselves that we are equally loved in the eyes of God. This reminder alone breaks down walls and begins to create an atmosphere where God can work and move in HIS way.  We are seeing that as we purposely pull ourselves out of this world, while still living in it, we allow God to give us a clearer vision of who we are (followers of Christ, agents of resurrection, soldiers of the Kingdom) and how we bring the Kingdom near, wherever we go.  Jesus lives in us, therefore, we have the authority to follow His leading and battle the evil powers of darkness.  The Kingdom of God and the world are becoming more separated as He covers us with His grace and mercy.  His grace and mercy give us accountability as we attempt to walk out Micah 6:8, “He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.


We have seen so many different communities as we travel even though it has only been 4 months.  All of them are different in their own way with unique qualities.  However, the most peaceful communities that we have seen have had some sort of known order to them, an understanding among the core “workers” of what their purpose is and what is expected of them as part of the community.  A lack of purpose results in complacency and individualism.  This takes an incredible amount of effort, especially in the beginning.  This is a hard balance for humans to maintain- it can go from totally relaxed, from fear of trying to control, to having a hard-core schedule and unrealistic expectations that set up the community for failure, which then creates an atmosphere of “works”.  Both are not from God, both are terribly easy for our flesh to fall into.

God is the only answer to community, He works out the details if we are willing and ready to be real with others and open to look at our own hearts for places that need change.  We found much of this as we traveled with Tim and Jenn Fidanzo, working, ministering, and living together.  In our little community, we were stretched, pulled and molded into better communicators and more reliant on our big God to unite our relationships, rather than trying to make peace on our own strength.

“Our life is our ministry”

This is last but definitely not least- and believe, me there is so much more we are learning!

We are understanding that ministry is not “formal”, it is how we live our life.  Do we live life on purpose or do we just glide along and find projects and vacations along the way?  John B. Hayes says it well, “The lost are compelled to follow Christ when they see how you do life- how you treat your children, where you buy your groceries, how you care for your neighbors- not by how much you do ministry.”

So rather than focusing on our “ministry” as we travel, we listen to His Spirit and are compelled to live this season of life fully.  Some days are filled with errands, some are grease hunts, some are rest days, other days are handing out coffee to the homeless, and many others are making relationships with all the people who God places in our path.  Our hope is to do all of these things with the mind of Christ, and allowing Him access to every part of our day.

We are so thankful for all of you who have continued to pray for us, support us financially and follow us on our journey through e-mail, phone calls, and our website!  We are very blessed when it comes to communication, I can’t imagine not having easy access to friends and family back home.

We are encouraged to know many of you are also being obedient and faithful to the Lord.  Press on, be blessed and make sure to tell God stories along the way!


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