Park Street Church, Boston

It was pretty fun to have an opportunity to share our story at one of the oldest churches in America, Park Street Church.  Our family joined the small urban ministry group that works right across the street from the church in the Boston Common. They have someone make muffins and coffee right before they go out so they are nice and hot.  We were encouraged to also hear and see their hearts as we served and talked with their group.  Thank you Park Street for welcoming us!


2 Responses

  1. Thank you, Andy and Serenity, for sharing your testimonies with us and living an inspiring example of obedience to and trust in Jesus. May God use you to build His kingdom in incredible ways, and grant your family an abundance of blessings!

  2. I love worshipping at Park Street whenever in Boston. I too have been amazed at the number of Dunkin Donuts, especially in that city and I would even propose the analogy that Starbucks is to Seattle as Dunkin Donuts is to Boston. By the way, I discovered your blog through Will and Krystal’s blog and have been challenged as I’ve read along on your journey.

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