The Big and Crazy Apple

We are excited to meet our “blog” friends, the Roses!  It’s kind of like meeting a pen pal.  We will be getting to know them quite intimately as our family stays for a couple days in their tiny little apartment.  Here’s their blog website if you want to get to know them a little also!

We will be away from the RV for a couple days meeting Kristian and Katy, meeting their friends, seeing New York, checking out the Apostles church and working with the Relief Bus.  So, we’ll catch everyone up on how this weekend went when we get back!

Sidenote: New York City is as wild as everyone says it is!  We’ve already messed up on the subway a couple times, walked a billion miles, rode the Staten Island Ferry, had yummy NY pizza, and hit the 5:00 crowds on the way back.  Yesterday was our $20 “tourist” day, had a great time and exhausted ourselves!


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