Lovely little Delaware

Well, as God promised, He revealed the plan He had for us.  Like our friends, the Roses in New York, Andy had made another friend, Terry, through the blog-o-sphere quite a while back.  Terry and Libby Foester live here in Wilmington, DE with their 3 kids (Eli, Eden, and Silas)!  Terry has been taking some of his free time getting to know some of Wilmington’s homeless and making a good friend in Herman.  This is what caught our eye on Terry’s blog.  It’s crazy where commenting on someone’s blog can take you!

We had hoped on meeting up with them during our traveling and now we are happily parked in their driveway, looking forward to fellowship, joining them for church service tomorrow and taking some time to hang out with some of Terry’s friends downtown, Wilmington.



3 Responses

  1. we are so happy to have you, our kids are having such a blast together. how cool is that?

    have fun @ simple way tonight…hopefully i can introduce you to Herman tomorrow.


  2. Thank you, Coulombes, for being so real and transparent. God’s love in you gives so much hope and its awesome to see how He is using you. Thank you for giving yourselves to be used by Him and for being Jesus in an RV.

  3. I was an absolute honor to meet you guys – I love what you’re doing and look forward to seeing you again!

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