Under the Overpass with Herman & Joe

Andy and I walked the streets of Wilmington with Terry Foester yesterday.  Our purpose was to take someone out to lunch.  We hoped to find Herman, who has made his home on the streets and has found a dear friend in Terry.  We looked for him for a little while but could not find him.  We did find Joe.  And what a lunch we had with him!


(Serenity, Andy and Joe – Downtown Wilmington, Delaware)

It always starts off a little awkward.  Living on the streets is a whole other world with different ways of behaving, watching your back at all times, and surviving the elements. When three people, two you have never even seen before, come up to you and ask you to lunch, I figure its a little bit of a shock.  We all piled into Terry’s car and headed for a sandwich shop while we attempted to break the ice, asking him some questions and letting Terry take the lead since he had developed a bit of a relationship with him over the last few months.

While we ate with Joe, his guard began to fall, which allowed for a sweet time of fellowship.  Towards the end of our time together Joe began to talk about how he felt like an outsider, like he didn’t fit in.  Terry, Andy and I could sense an intense loneliness and sadness that was breaking his heart.  In turn, listening to him, it was breaking ours.  I think all of us started to get emotional at that point, feeling the Lord’s heart for this man.  It was a humbling moment to hear him ask us for advice on how he was supposed to act and behave in our world.  His life was on the street and he didn’t know how to live any differently.  He feels lonely, unloved, and stuck.  Andy spoke to him about the kingdom of God, seeing an opportunity to fire Light into the Darkness.

We finished with our lunch and walked back to the car knowing Joe was going back to the street.  As always, this is a heavy moment, humbling to say the least.  What have we really done here?  That seems to be the nagging question that the enemy likes to sneak in every time.

We got back to Joe’s spot, got out and took one more opportunity to pray for him.  I love prayer.  Somehow it reminds us that it isn’t all about us.  We lifted Joe back up to our Father and Joe also prayed a sweet prayer over us, expressing to Jesus that he had been encouraged.

After that, we hugged good-bye and along came Herman!  Herman is the reason we connected with Terry through his blog.  What a quirky, funny guy.  So glad to finally meet him after all this time.  If you have a moment, take some minutes to learn more about Herman on Terry’s blog.


(Terry and Herman – Downtown Wilmington, Delaware)

Terry, what an awesome time it was to Light up the streets with you.  You are truly planting those Seeds in your simple acts of obedience and kindness.  We will continue to pray for you, your family, and all of your friends downtown.


2 Responses

  1. So glad you made a stop in humble little Delaware during your travels. Your french fry RV sure made a big impression on our kids, and we were blessed to meet you all and learn about the lifestyle God is calling you (and all of us) to.

    Happy travels… and know that we are praying for you!

    Joanna Champney

  2. Hey guys, we miss you hear on the east coast! Our love to you. It’s been great keeping up with your updates.

    I’ve lost track with Joe, I heard he hurt his hand a while back pretty bad and I haven’t seen him for a couple of months. Pray for Joe.

    I continue to meet up with Herman and he’s as ornery as every. Orneriness (is that a word?) seems to be a homeless man’s staple.

    I hope you’re are enjoying the west coast, keep us posted.

    God is working in our lives, I’m going on staff at our church sometime in May, God willing…

    I pray for you often.

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