Trials of the road

Yesterday was full of unexpected events.  Releasing control of the “plans” is constantly offered to us as we travel.  Not always joyful moments but they are growing moments.  God has a funny sense of humor sometimes. 🙂

Here are some pictures of what happened yesterday.

Andy working in the rain, Virginia

Early Thursday morning Andy hitched a ride from a guy at the RV campground to get a new fuel filter, got back and replaced it, then began the process of heating the veggie oil so we could pump it into our tank.  (It had started pouring at about 5:00am and didn’t really stop until Andy was finished with his attempts at fixing Big Buster.) Cold weather has proven to be a bummer for the veggie system.  Heating our fuel on the stove was too funny not to take a picture of.heating up our veggie oil

We were excited when Andy started up Big Buster and we were actually able to move!  Little did we know it would only last for about 100 miles.  BB got really tired as we froliked over the hills (they would call them mountains) of Virginia.  All of us were near the front of Big Buster, encouraging and praying really loudly that Jesus would push him over the big hills.  We got over a few and he just about quit on us on the freeway.  Andy spotted a handy truck stop and we coasted in with Jesus as the caboose pushing us into a parking spot.  At that point we came to the realization that we did, in fact, need a tow.

With kids bouncing off the walls from being cooped up in a small space and parents who were tired and wondering what in the world was next, we waited for the tow truck.

waiting, waiting, waiting

We waited for much longer while the tow truck guys removed the drive shaft because BB would not move.

Long story short, we are still waiting at the mechanics.  Games, tic-tac-toe, books, coloring, cartoons, snacks can only sustain for so long.  We have a rental car in our back pocket when we hear verdict from the mechanics.  And praise the Lord, someone had already offered their condo and van to us from Forest Hill Church before we even knew all of this would happen!  Not to Charlotte yet, still putting patience and joy into practice.  Thank you Jesus for being with us the whole way.


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  1. Oh, guys! We just checked your blog and found out about Big Buster’s demise. Wow, too bad you didn’t just stay in our house while the RV got fixed. If only we had known… I’m sure God has plans though.
    We’ll be praying for you. Keep us posted. Things are going great here. We’re in Dallas now and are learning SO much at this conference. It’s been very emotional for me and I feel the Spirit moving in my heart.
    We loved spending a few days with you. So glad you came!
    Love, Libby

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