refrigerator rights

Terry, Libby, Seren, Andy

Before we start into Charlotte posts, I wanted to say one last little blurb about the Foesters in Wilmington.

Like we had explained before, we had never met them until just less than 2 weeks ago when we rolled into their driveway with Big Buster.  For them and for many of our hosts across the country, welcoming us into their home was a risk.  We were complete strangers to them, yet they went ahead and took a leap of faith to welcome us. They opened their home up to us, they loved on our kids, and they became life friends.

The term “hospitality” has been redefined for me as we have traveled.  I believe it has little to do with what your house looks like, what you make for meals, etc.  I have come to see that hospitality is how you treat a person who is a guest.  There are some who have the gift of hospitality and you can see it clearly, but for all the rest of you out there who have giftings in other areas, practicing hospitality can create an incredible sense of community and oneness.

Americans often define hospitality as how well your house looks, your “readiness” for company, your lavish gifts, or the incredible meals you can whip up by scratch.  These are all well and good, and they make the time even that much more fun, but it isn’t hospitality.  It starts with how comfortable you are with yourself.  When you are comfortable in your own skin, most likely others with be comfortable with you.

On the flip side, I have had to learn how to be comfortable with myself in other peoples’ homes.  I find it kind of odd/funny that I’m getting comfortable opening up random refrigerators to find something for my kids.  Terry and Libby Foester were talking about “refrigerator rights” and it made me wonder how many boundaries I’ve stepped over and made people awkward because of my new found comfort.  I guess its a survival thing, but I think it tears down the walls too.  Funny what we people do, huh?

So, all that said, Libby and Terry, thanks for letting us invade your home and refrigerator.  We love you!


2 Responses

  1. Well said! We miss you guys, and you were a blessing to our family. I’m glad we got to share life together for a few short days. You’re always welcome to go rooting through our fridge…and don’t be surprised when we show up in Oregon next year!

    Eli misses Avery, Eden misses Ally, and if Silas could – I’m sure he would miss Eva!

    Praying for you guys each day.


  2. Lauren F. Winner is my favorite author to date and this post made me think of her writings on the same topic. In her second book, Mudhouse Sabbath, she compares her old Jewish ways to those of Christianity and in her chapter on hachnassat orchim/hospitality, she writes (pg 53) the following: “So you see that asking people into my life is not so different from asking them into my apartment. Like my apartment, my interior life is never going to be wholly respectable, cleaned up, and gleaming. But that is where I live. In the certitude of God, I ought to be able to risk issuing the occasional invitation.”

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