Blessings in the Storm


I just couldn’t wait to share about this amazing ministry to women and children.

Ultimately it is never about what the ministry is or does, it is about the people who are a part of it.  There could be two of the same “ministries” or “missions” in the same town and both could be completely different.  It is ALL about the hearts of the people who work and serve in these places.

Loretta Caldwell stole my heart within about 5 minutes of talking with her.  I saw Jesus shining brightly through her words, her acts of mercy, her stories, and her small, simple ministry that has become because of her abandoned heart for God and His children.  Blessings in the Storm reaches out to women and children who are homeless or who may be on the brink of this situation.  There are now 4 small houses close together with 13 women and 10 children; they are full!  Loretta prays and hopes for more houses to give more women and children another opportunity to experience a safe, warm home and to find God’s love.

She humbly calls herself the Harriet Tubman of homelessness.  Random calls in the middle of the night, she is known as the lady who loves and gives without question.  She loves what she does and feels honored to be the lady God has chosen to help many of these women.  She lives with these women and sees Jesus in each of them.  Her confidence and faith in our God has created a place of peace, growth and life change.  These women see first-hand her life of faith, praying for bills to be paid, for the women and children on the streets, and using every resource she has to help others who cannot help themselves.

She talks about how so many people go to church to find Jesus and pray their hearts out to experience His presence, but she is confident and so simply honored to know she gets to live, work, play and serve Jesus all the day long because He IS these women and children.


2 Responses

  1. this sounds amazing!!

  2. Ebony and Ivory—God’s women doing God’s work with bigger hearts than most people have, that’s for sure. I pray blessings ‘n all things to rejoice about to both of you dear ladies, and to those you serve. lovepatti

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