Our Abba Father

I have been overwhelmed emotionally on a couple of occasions here in Charlotte.  Once was when Avery and I sat in on a Bible study at Hoskins Park.  Hoskins is a transitional housing ministry that gets men off the streets and helps them plug back into society.  I sat near the back with a few guys I had met earlier that night listening to the speaker as he talked about the attributes of God – How do we see Him?  Who is He to us?  The room was filled with men who were broken in one form or another, myself included.  I slowly brought my eyes across the small room with probably more than 40 men stuffed in it.  I saw some men eagerly taking notes, I saw others focused intently on the speaker, I saw one man sleeping, and being nudged by fellow brothers with stern looks on their faces.  I saw another young man, actually the first I had met that night, get up slowly from his seat and stagger towards the door, errantly grasping for the door knob until finally he clumsily made his way outside, followed quickly by a couple of staff.  Turns out that sometime between the time I met him and Bible study he had downed a 5th of vodka and had to be taken to the hospital.  We were all broken, none more than any other.  I got a sense that the men were “for” each other, and believed in the staff who lived right there with them.

As I held Avery in my lap and listened, a feeling of joy rushed over me, Jesus was with us, and only His healing can truly “heal” us.  It’s amazing when a group of broken people gather together.  More importantly, broken people who are ready for the Lord to work. I was inspired by these men.  I got a sense of community from Hoskins Park.  I also got the sense that the Lord wanted me to tell them all that He was proud of them, that even though they have all been pulled through the muck and mire, that it doesn’t discount their story, it doesn’t make their impact on others invalid.  That actually the opposite was true, their stories, thier testimonies, even though incomplete, were given to them by God, by our Abba Father, and He wants us to shout them to anyone who wants to listen.

I love it when Avery tells me a story, about what he learned in Sunday school that day, or what he heard downtown from somebody, I want to hear him, I want to listen.  That is what God, our Abba Father wants from us.  He wants to hear our story, our testimony of what He has done in our lives.  I was overwhelmed, like every single man’s story in that room the other night was downloaded into my mind, like I knew them well, their struggles, their victories, and I hadn’t heard one of them.  The Lord was confirming in my own soul that when His people come together, and earnestly seek Him with transparency, and honesty, realizing our own brokenness, great things can happen.  God honored that.  Afterwards, men I had never met or talked to, men from completely different social, and economic backgrounds came up to Avery and I and gave us hugs, thanking us for being there.  Overwhelming.


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  1. Thanks for being His hands and His feet. Pouring His heart into the lives of His children. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and GLORIFY your FATHER IN HEAVEN. We are bringing home child number seven soon–another precious soul snatched from the fire of hopelesness and despair. I Love the Lord!

  2. November 25, 2008
    Dear Andy and Serenity,
    I haven’t checked your website for a long time and it just hit me that we haven’t heard from you either for a long time, and that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been praying for you – so I did something about it and went to your website. It’s great “hearing” from you again; sorry I haven’t written in so long.
    I hope you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving; we’ll be thinking about you and praying for you.
    I guess you’ve heard from others about the 4th graders selling cookies on a stick to raise money for you folks; they made about $400.00, so that will buy you some groceries, fuel or whatever you need for a while.
    Love and God bless you,
    Patsy Kee (CBC)

    P.S. Will you please send me your children’s birthdates? Thanks a lot.

  3. Once again I am so moved by the experiences you are having and the way that God is working through you. Always know that there are many here in Central Point praying for you all. Thank you for taking us along on your journey for Jesus!! Happy Thanksgiving!
    God bless you all!!
    Mikki Deschamps

  4. Abba… made me cry. I love your special family and have you in my heart and prayers. Your parents raised you well, kiddos! And it’s God that brought you this far–and so we praise Him… Blessings! Keep growing ‘n glowing, as you so wonderfully do. lovepatti

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