Let me count the ways….

….that we are so thankful.

1)  God and His unfailing, insane love for us, shown through His Son, Jesus who came to have a RELATIONSHIP with us!!!

2)  Our marriage- two opposite people put together by God to love, compliment and stretch each other beyond our imaginations!

3)  Our children who have been given to us as a precious gift from the Big Daddy in Heaven.

4)  Our family and friends all over the world.

5)  His Holy Spirit who unites ALL followers of Christ as One Body, One Mind, and One Heart and encourages us to cut away anything that is not of Him so that we may give our lives fully to His calling.

6)  This opportunity He has offered for our family- to find Jesus in every person we meet, to travel, to connect with other believers, to create a web across the States, to discover what other bodies are doing for the poor and marginalized, to be encouraged and to have Something to give back.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

May we all remain in the thankful mindset as we continue on in the day-to-day grind of work, play, maintenance, chores, activities and relationships.


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