Inquiring minds want to know….

Some of our readers have wondered what EXACTLY are we doing here at Koinonia??

Well, today for example, Andy went with another Andy to find grease (for Big Buster) in the morning and this afternoon I worked the Koinonia storefront for the afternoon, taking phone calls, meeting new visitors to the farm and directing customers.

On other days, Andy has helped in the garden area building a rain harvester that channels rain water off the roof of a building and will provide drinking water for the farm animals, and has assisted in chopping down a few fallen trees so folks could use it as firewood.  I have also worked in the shipping department and washed dishes after lunchtime.

On a typical day we have participated in chapel in the morning (that only happened once as it is at 7:15am), community lunchtime during the weekdays (which is wonderful, the whistle blows and everybody on the farm communes together for the breaking of bread), devotions at 5pm, and lots of discussions, eating with folks and getting to know people.

And, of course, there is the every-day doing laundry, putting the kids down for naps, making dinner, fixing Big Buster (which I would like to publicly give a loud round of applause to my husband for), and lots of other things.

Basically, we are joining in the community, learning by doing and talking.  Living life on purpose; hanging outside (when we could be inside watching t.v.), asking questions (when we could be talking), praying for people (when we could just nod and smile), volunteering to help (instead of thinking “someone else will do it”).  Pretty simple stuff.

That’s about it.  Inquire again if you have more questions, we love to answer them!


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