Slowing down

As Andy and I prayed the other night, we heard Him saying to us, “Slow down”.  Our spirits have felt rushed recently,  due to many frustrations, attempts by the enemy to distract, and a spirit of duty trying to rest on our shoulders as we continue as “missionaries”. We are seeing this as a time to fight in the Spirit to do EXACTLY what the enemy doesn’t want us to do- be still and know that He is God.  We love to frustrate the enemy- good times.

We have seen the Lord arrange a time of relaxation and prayer for the next week or so.  (I love how He is doing this during His birthday season.)

We want to stress the fact that we are not feeling condemned or even very stressed.  But please DO pray for us.  We want to make every minute of our rest time count so that we may be recharged and filled back up so that we can continue to pour out on those He puts in our path.

Randomly (meaning: God appointed), we met a family who owns a beach house down in Englewood, FL (right on the Gulf) and they have invited us to stay with them for a few days.  We are excited and thrilled to see how God has done all the work for us and knew what we needed before we knew.  Also excited to once again, make beautiful relationships with other believers and enjoy His creation at the same time.

Thank you all for your many prayers and financial support as we sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly follow God’s leading.

(By the way, Big Buster seems to be doing well- new tires, repacked bearings, and lots of prayer does the trick!)



2 Responses

  1. Praise the Lord that Buster is better!!! Alos praises for some R & R time for the Coloumbe family. We will continue to send prayers your way and pray that this Christmas is a very special one for you all. Take care and enjoy Florida.

    God Bless, Mikki : )

  2. I haven’t left a comment with you guys for a long time. I switched readers and somehow the feed for this blog got lost in the shuffle. Anyway, you all have come to mind a lot lately and i’ve been praying for you. I pray the Lord would meet you with rest and a time of refreshing that is far above anything you could ask or imagine!

    Thank you for serving Jesus!

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