Blessed Appointment

Spofford beach house in Englewood, FL

Englewood, FL beach house

All I can say is, “wow”.
With tears in my eyes, I sat out on the porch that overlooked the ocean and watched pelicans diving for their food. This place is beautiful! And better yet, the family that we are staying with are GREAT!   Thank you Barry and Lynda, Mallary and Ansley!
We arrived here yesterday afternoon, spent the afternoon at the beach and relaxed. Dinner was great as their girls took care of the kids while we actually ate with other adults and had adult conversations. We were given a big bedroom, king bed, with our own big bathroom, wake up to coffee and ocean views in the morning. The weather is beautiful, 80 degrees with a soft breeze…. It couldn’t be more perfect.

God is so good. We have relaxed and have been welcomed to make ourselves at home here for a couple days.  And the Spoffords have already set us up with an RV pad in Port Charlotte, just west of here with some more of their family for after this weekend.  We will be able to stay and have Christmas there so we’re not in a random Walmart parking lot.  Love it.

I just can’t get over how amazing our Father truly is.  We were wondering what we were going to do for Christmas and for this “slow down” time, and lo and behold, God had it all up His sleeve.

May you all have “blessed appointments” during this season of celebration!


2 Responses

  1. To everything there is a season,
    a time for every purpose under heaven…
    A time to weep, and a time to laugh…

    What a nice Christmas gift you were given.

    Blessings on you as you celebrate Immanuel.

  2. Oh my…thats looking rough 🙂
    Im jealous…I could use a break from shoveling snow!!!!
    You all deserve the rest and pampering though, enjoy it to the fullest.
    Merry Christmas to you from the Blauer’s in Spokane.
    If you do come back this way…please stop again. 🙂

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