The impact of a child

Miss Debbie and Avery

We have said many times that our kids are a huge part of our ministry.  They often warm up a room (or liven a room, more accurately) and break down walls with as much as their presence.

But there are those times when I am blown away at how the Lord speaks through them and they communicate something Andy and I could barely brush the surface of.

We spent this last weekend with some friends at their beach house.  Their little neighborhood had quite a unique feel to it-  they actually knew each other, liked each other and spent time together!  Miss Debbie was one of the kids’ favorites, she was a lot of fun, had cool glasses and painted on their faces with makeup- how could you NOT like her??

Even before the face-painting or gift-giving Avery had developed a connection with Miss Debbie.  One day he had picked out a shell just for her (mind you, this is all on his own- Andy and I had no idea he did this until yesterday) and went with Linda to give it to Miss Debbie.  Avery said “I just want you to know you are important to me, so I picked out a shell for you to remember me by.”  He normally has a sensitive heart and has often made an impact on quite a few folks as we have traveled.  But for some reason, this time made me realize what an important part of our little Body he is.  Our ministry would not be the same without him.

When I heard about this I realized, after thanking God for my sweet little boy, that He had answered my prayer for Debbie through Avery.  I had asked the Lord for an opportunity to tell Debbie she was important and that she had a significant purpose in this world.  I am blessed to know that my big God continues to speak through the mouths of babes.

Once again, I was humbled to see my prayer answered not by me, but by my sweet Father through my child.  I hope Miss Debbie heard Jesus speaking to her that day……

“You are important to me Miss Debbie, so I picked a shell out just for you to remember Me by.”



One Response

  1. Andy and Serenity,
    I’ve been trying to catch up with your story. I keep coming back to re-read this story. It’s amazing! Miss Debbie, Avery, you guys, and the LORD. Wow! No wonder Jesus kept pointing to the children when he wanted to make a point about Kingdom Citizens, Faith, and Love. God is at work and we just need to find Him and partner with Him.

    God’s BLESSINGS to you and your family,

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