Being bold and desiring change

We’ve been encouraged by what is happening at New Day Christian Church.  The pastor, Jamie, along with the elders of the church, have made some “risky” moves in the desire and passion to see this body of believers to get out of the four walls of the building.  Jamie knows, as we all do deep down inside, that the Church should be going TO the needy, rather than waiting for them to come to the building to find Jesus.

He announced a little while ago that they were NOT going to have a Christmas Eve service.  (What??!!!!)  Jamie expressed his ideas of branching out a bit and serving the community as a way to celebrate.  He encouraged the New Day congregation to brainstorm some ideas of ways to serve on their own, with family, or friends instead of attending a Christmas service.  This, of course, stirred the pot, people were thrown off from their routine.  Some reacted harshly and negatively and some went for it and took the opportunity to step up.

We were excited to take part in one of the serving ideas on Christmas Eve.  A banquet was held for the homeless at the church after they had the opportunity to take showers and given toiletry items.  Andy and I took the opportunity to prayer for the volunteers and the homeless who were going to be loved on.  We helped set up, we ate with some of the homeless (Barry, Phillip, Steve and Sam) and assisted in handing out some new underwear, towels, etc.

We praised the Lord for the hearts being changed and the desire to step into the path of Jesus.  It takes a boldness to do this.  Often it means people leave and friction occurs but as New Day continues to push through, they see a fresh Spirit flowing through the Body and waking up souls that have been asleep for a while.

Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.  Ephesians 5:14



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