second chance

Quite a while ago, back in Boston, I had a sweet experience while I took Ally out on a date.

We walked down a really rough strip to get to McDonald’s for an ice cream.  There were more than a couple times when I picked up my pace and eventually put Ally on my back.  As a young white woman with small child, we were the minority and pretty vulnerable.  I prayed the whole time we walked.  I had promised Ally a special time with mommy and she was going to get it!

I knew we weren’t in huge danger but the fear that tried to grip my heart was a battle in itself.  Men literally were lined up along the storefronts, leering, making comments, etc.  The random black woman who passed by walked briskly, looking straight ahead, on a mission.

I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, the big M stood out boldly among the rundown buildings.  And suddenly I heard an elderly lady behind me ask me something.  “Miss, do you have some spare change?”  I turned around with Ally still on my back.  I had $10 in my pocket but our normal “rule of thumb” is not to hand out money.  I was caught off guard, still bound to get to McD’s and said that I didn’t have any to spare.  Instantly my heart dropped, I said I was sorry as I watched her face drop and say, “ok”.

I turned around and continued as I talked to the Lord about this lady.  He knew my heart and I really didn’t have a chance to share some of my Hope with her.  It made me a little depressed but I really wanted to have a good time with Ally.  We got to the destination, ordered our ice cream and sat down.  Ally was so excited to have mommy time with ice cream!  And then the lady who approached me earlier appeared in the corner of my eye.  She came into McD’s to ask around the place for money.  I took this as a second chance from the Lord.

I talked with Ally about it and made sure we were both on the same page about getting this lady something to eat.  We were, so I walked up to the lady and asked her if she could have anything on the menu what would it be.  Even though she insisted that I only get her something off the dollar menu, we went ahead and got her a chicken sandwich meal deal.  She was ecstatic when she opened the bag and instantly started digging in.  Ally and I enjoyed the rest of our ice cream together.

As we got ready to leave, Ally and I went up to her and asked if she was enjoying her meal.  She looked at me and explained how she had been able to take all her pills.  She said she had never had a chicken meal deal and she loved it!  I took this as a time to tell her that Jesus loves her more than she could imagine.  I went on to explain briefly how He had changed my life.  She listened, said thank you a bunch of times and we hugged.  I don’t remember her name but I will always remember how God gave me a second chance to love on her.  It will also remind me of how many second chances I have been given in my life.

We strolled back through the rough strip again and I just couldn’t help but be less fearful, God just showed up!



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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Serenity! I can see how God used your Ally time to become a little mission time.

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