I had a God appointment with Carrie yesterday.  Please pray for direction and revelation of Jesus’ love for her and her family.

Carrie has voluntarily and unknowingly taken on too much.  She has a typical story of broken family, extended family living with her, poor habits and addictions, fiance in prison, 3 of her own children to take care of and not enough income to provide enough for everyone. On top of these things, her extended family had brought lice with them just 4 days ago!

I headed out with Eva to walk to CVS Pharmacy to get a couple items.  Carrie and I literally intersected each other in the church parking lot.  Andy and I had just talked about prayer-walking the neighborhood and waiting for the Lord to lead us to someone special.  Isn’t God good?  Sometimes I think we don’t realize how powerful “availability” is to the Lord.  Just talking about what we wanted to do released the Spirit to work through us.  Our conversation was on my heart as I talked with Carrie.  She was headed to the church to see if she could find food and clothing assistance.  There was nobody at the church so I invited her to come with me to CVS after we prayed together.

We stocked her up with some necessary items, including lice treatment, toilet paper, milk, etc.  And as we walked back to the church we had some good conversation.  I hope we have some more time with her.  Her fiance gets out of prison in February and I can’t imagine, after 2 years, what life might be like for their family and the extended family that has joined them.

There are A LOT of Carries out there.  The Lord is asking us, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”  As believers and followers of Christ, our answer should be, “Here am I. Send me!” (Isa 6:8)  We don’t say, “send me” to just buy groceries, pay the rent, provide shelter or clothing, but more importantly to pray for people, to be available and to share the Hope of Jesus.  We are here to be Jesus for the world; to be the Body of Christ!!!!

Our time on earth is like a blink of an eye.  Eternity is hard to imagine when everything around us speaks so loudly to our fleshly desires and needs.  The Spirit of God is a whisper that speaks of everlasting love and peace.  He wants this for all His children, and so should we.


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  1. This is such a perfect example of giving each day to God to use as he sees fit.
    I did that today as well with different tasks than I had planned but God used them to supply needs and to help pay for employees payrolls!

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