We usually take a day to tour the town when we get to a new city before we start diving into “ministry”.  During the day, the atmosphere is always different, but at least we are familiar with how to get around and such.  And mastering a bus system with 3 kiddos is almost always a challenge.

We took the bus into downtown, brought a sack lunch, found a playground and walked around the park.  A LOT of homeless.  If I happened to be homeless, this is where I would station myself- it’s warm, and mostly dry all year round.

On the bus ride home, I sat right next to Rico.  He clearly stood out, wearing a huge bandage on the left side of his face.  He had been robbed at gunpoint and then shot in the face.  After a couple weeks in the hospital, he is now slowly recovering while sleeping on the streets, doing his best to keep the wound clean, going to physical therapy and trying to find a job.  Rico expressed a lot of anger towards the guy who shot him and explained in great detail what he would do if he saw him again.  Yikes.  After that I asked if I could pray for him.  I prayed against the spirit of revenge, bitterness and hostility, casting them out in Jesus’ name and then for God’s peace and forgiveness to begin healing his heart.  I could feel a softening when we had finished praying as he shared how hard it had been for the last few weeks.

We invited him to come and see us again at First United Church of Christ.  Rico is heavy on my heart.  At this point, he could go one of two ways- the enemy could darken his heart with bitterness, loneliness and anger, ultimately leading to destruction and death OR Rico could see that God has a purpose for him, that he has Hope for a future, ultimately leading to Life.

God is constantly revealing His plans for us.  Our tour of Orlando could have been meant only for Rico.  Please pray with us for Rico’s heart and for another opportunity to love on him.


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  1. Rico’s story brought tears to my eyes. I know God destined for you to meet. I’m praying the Holy Spirit will pierce his soul and bring him to Jesus.

    I love you.


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