Northerners in a foreign land

This week has been a wild whirlwind of ministry, fellowship, meeting lots of new people, and learning.

While we have been here in Jackson we have been working with WeWillGo Ministries, the Lancaster and Scone families who have given their lives to God’s work among the poor.  The Lancasters are here permanently, the Scones are interns, training and learning to live missionally.  WeWillGo has placed themselves in the midst of a weird neighborhood of poverty and attorney/business offices.  Their life is ministry.

We have had the opportunity to participate in their Bible Studies for what they would call “church people” and non-church people, their church service/meal on Sunday, prayer for all who come and go, and doing our best to be present when we can.  They have people coming and going all day long, dropping off or coming to receive clothing, canned goods, toiletry items and bus passes.  Prayer always comes with whatever is received and given.  The Gospel is shared over and over again, with much passion and hope.  We have been inspired by their readiness to pray, speak Truth, and offer tangible help to everyone who comes to WeWillGo.

We have had lots of time getting to know the Lancasters and the Scones, along with many others who help with the ministry.  We were even blessed with a date night!  Thank you Jesus!

We are having to really wait on the Lord for Him as we try and wade through the southern culture.  The spirit of racism, judgement, and fear still runs deep in the veins of the south.  Coming in as “northerners” has been a bit of a culture shock, so we have taken many things to the Lord and waited on Him to explain things to us, along with others who have helped us get some sort of grasp of reality around here.  Please continue to pray with us as we often come in as outsiders and do our best to sift and discern what the Lord has for us.


2 Responses

  1. We understand very much. We lived in an apartment in 1972 in Gainesville that we felt that we could afford. It was a “mixed” community. Later we found that we had bucked the system and we did not even know one existed. Others thought that we were naive and ignorant. We had some challenges but we were just fine.
    God bless you as you live in the South. Texas is even stranger yet! Hee Hee.

  2. I completely understand. There is so much triablism/racism in this country, too. I pray that the Love of Christ being shed abroad in our hearts will begin breaking down the walls that the enemy has raised. The people here can not understand why we would be adopting so many children, especially because the children all come from different tribes. This is what Jesus came to abolish–to set the captives free!

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