Sometimes ministry of the Spirit happens while we tell stories.  Jesus told stories, hundreds and hundreds of them I’m sure.  He was the ultimate storyteller that gave Life through those fabulous tales.  It must have been so much fun for him to watch people while He went on and on about mustard seeds, yeast, and treasures.

Our family has been called to Friendswood, TX (a suburb right outside Houston) to tell stories.  We know this because our schedule has been filled for us with overlapping opportunities to share, commune with other believers and just tell stories.  Our stories have been of our travels, miracles, people stories, stories about our own personal journeys with God, crazy rv problems, veggie hunts, etc.  And to think about some of the tears, stressed-out moments and belly laughs we have had while those stories were being created.  My goodness, God is good, isn’t He?

Telling stories used to be a favorite past time for many of us but it seems to be only on a rare occasion in our American culture these days.  Maybe because we’re too busy to create stories?  Too preoccupied with other things to spend time together? Most likely just too busy period.

A lot of times we gather together to share prayer requests or struggles and that is great, but what about stories- God stories?  I think about our kids and how they love to hear a good story; have we told our kids any great God stories lately?  We’ve seen so many bored teenagers, it makes me sad to know they probably think God is pretty boring.  We’ve made Him too safe and uninteresting.  This has got to change.

This would create some effort on our part though.  It would require some risk-taking, sharing personal stuff, keeping our eyes out for God working, some sense of humor and having time to tell these fantastic stories.  When you have a good story, don’t you want to tell everyone?  Of course!!  We all need to know our own story so we can share the Hope that has come out of it.  Do you know your story?  Start practicing!

Will you join us in storytelling?  Please share!


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  1. Thanks for your comments on Story telling! I am a big believer in them as well. I believe that was what Paul was talking about when he said that we should gather together and encourage and exhort one another. What better way to encourage each other than to share our life stories and how God has led us all along the way in spite of bad circumstances or poor judgment. We need to hear these stories because we find that God has been there all along. It encourages us to continue doing good and being God’s salt and light in this world!
    Preach it baby!

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