City Church

This church is right on. After the church service and Sunday school we got to talk briefly with the pastor, Don, and are excited to work with them and get to know them better this week. They have a huge ministry to the city kids- they actually go around in a few huge vans and pick them up for breakfast and Sunday school. They have so much going on and most if not all of their efforts go towards preaching the simple Gospel. The pastor and his wife live right above the church, in the same building. They started with almost nothing and God has faithfully increased their ministry, over 14 years, with supernatural provision- sufficient resources to drive kids around, a grocery pantry for those in need, so much food to feed children every Sunday morning and all summer long, land to create room for Jesus festivals for the city kids, and the list goes on. We were instantly encouraged and excited to get an opportunity to spend time with City Church. They are simple, they love Jesus, and they want to make Him known. Praise the Lord!


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  1. My name is Mary Beth Waters. My friend, Laura Cook, met you all at Paramount church service last Saturday night. We have a ministry called, “The Love Packet Ministry”. We make up “comfort bags” for children who are in distress. You told Laura you might could use some packets. We have plenty right now, and you are more than welcome to some. 🙂
    I clean Don & Diana’s parsonage at Citychurch. Aren’t they AWESOME?? I love working there.
    Mary Beth
    (806) 356-8720

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