What can the kids do with $100?

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So back in Friendswood, TX (outside of Houston), we spoke in an adult Sunday school class. A few questions were asked about the kids and how they have helped and interacted with the people we serve. We talked about what an important role they play in our ministry, how with kids in an urban poor neighborhood, people who would never talk to us, let alone listen to us, would sit down and have lunch, and have a conversation. We believe that most of this deals with trust. When we bring our three small children under a bridge, or in a downtown park, that demonstrates trust, something that most of these men and women don’t get very often. What happens is amazing, walls come tumbling down, people begin to tell you about their pain, thier struggles, and often times are willing to pray with you. None of that would happen if it were just Serenity and I.


So a man from this Sunday school class in Friendswood was touched about the role our kids play in our ministry and came up with the idea to give Avery, Ally and Eva $100 to spend on the poor however they like. We have been talking with them about it over the past few weeks. Avery was certain that he wanted to spend the money on kids who don’t have very much, so when we came across Mission2540 (2540 is Matthew 25:40) here in Amarillo the kids decided that they could help us find two families to buy some groceries for, as well as some toys at the dollar store and then deliver the box of goodies to them.  Check out the video above from our day of shopping.

We delivered the boxes of food and toys today and it was a joy to see the faces of the little 2-year old boy who got a race car, and the mom and dad who got a box of groceries.  It is always so much more of a blessing to serve rather than be served, one of my biggest prayers is that this same understanding is cultivated in our kids, their lives will be so much richer.

You can also go to our Flickr page to see more video from our day of shopping.


2 Responses

  1. Loved, loved, loved the video! Veggie oil, I don’t want this!! What a great Ally quote! We love you.


  2. That’s rad. I think you’re right the kids have helped you in reaching out and breaking the ice with people. You guys are RAD!!! When will you be in Southern Oregon?

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