Agents of Resurrection

agentssmalltransBefore we get too ahead of ourselves, we wanted to write about the folks we met back in San Antonio. We were so encouraged and refreshed to meet Agents for Christ. They are two families, in two RVs, traveling the States, preaching the Gospel and spreading the Love of Christ to whoever is put in their path. We had found them through a “Families on the Road” website and instantly contacted them, hoping to at least connect with them through e-mail- little did we know we would actually meet them!

We had two days to share stories, encourage one another, and pick each other’s brains about ministry on the road. What an amazing time it was to feel God’s comfort in two other families (two kids each), complete strangers until San Antonio, who have shared in many of the struggles, joys, and decisions we have experienced. God’s timing was perfect, as always.

Their story is very similar to ours; they are from the Portland area, they began feeling uncomfortable in their comfort, Jesus’ words began jumping off the pages, started ministering and sharing the Gospel downtown Portland to business men, homeless, tourists, began a non-profit (which we didn’t do), sold the majority of their possessions, bought 2 RVs and hit the road, looking to share their lives and preach the Gospel wherever they went.

Of all the things we talked about over the two days that we had together, we all agreed on one thing; we have witnessed the beginnings of a wakening in the Church. Believers are starting to want more than just church on Sundays and Wednesdays, they want to start putting their beliefs into practice. People are craving change but don’t know how to put it into action. Relationship with Jesus, creativity, and courage to take steps of faith (that sometimes look crazy to others) are the things we continue to pray for. These things can and will put the Church into action of planting mustard seeds.

Agents for Christ and Mustard Seed Ministries are very small in the eyes of the world. We all often feel the pull of making it “big” or having numbers to show for ourselves but we know none of that is from the Lord. We, just like everybody else, are imperfect vessels filled and made by the one perfect God. We can only do what He empowers us to do- sometimes it seems like lot, sometimes it seems like nothing at all. All He asks us to do is to love Him and love others. Please pray for both of our ministries as we continue to seek the lost and broken to glorify our amazing and loving God!


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