just an update

We have spent the last few days reconnecting with some family members from Andy’s side.  Most of them, I had never met and the last time we saw Grandma Coulombe was at our wedding (almost 10 years ago).  We were glad to have an opportunity to share our children with them and catch up with some cousins, aunts, uncles and of course, grandma.

Thanks to many of you for praying, I am back to normal, feeling healthy.  And it looks like everyone else in the family is still well!  Please continue to pray for our health- it is rough being sick while traveling in an RV!  YUCK!

We will be heading to San Diego tomorrow!  Some great opportunities for ministry are waiting for us there and we are REALLY looking forward to it!  Along with that, two families from our life group are coming to visit us during our second week to work, play, and fellowship with us for a WHOLE WEEK!  We are excited to indoctrinate them into veggie hunts, scoping out where the homeless hang, meeting lots of new people, and touring the beautiful city of San Diego.  Thank you Canby Life Group!  We will miss the rest of you who can’t make it!



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  1. San Diego or Bust!!! We are all so excited to be with you!

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