Unity in the Body of Christ

As believers we must attach ourselves to JESUS and know that WE are the Body wherever we go- it is not the building, the programs, or the denomination. Too many times we forget the church that we attend is only a small glimpse of what is going on in the Kingdom. It is time for all of us to break out of the walls and find the Body working all over the place. We cannot just have hands, or just feet, or just eyes to make a Body- we need all parts CONNECTED and working together! So, if you have a chance, check out what the church down the street is doing every once in a while. You might be surprised.


One Response

  1. Hey, there are a lot of denominations and a lot of theological opinions. Just about as many as there are political opinions.
    Glad that you have seen and experienced a few of them.
    Glad that in Heaven there will not be separate rooms for the different groups.
    Glad that no human will be making any of the decisions about who gets in and who does not.
    Amen! ……………… Glory! …………..Hallelujah!

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