Beautiful San Diego

If I was homeless, this is where I would come to live.  The weather is a fairly constant 70-80 degrees with a cool breeze off the ocean, lush green grass to lie on, beautiful flowers to enjoy, palm trees swaying, and lots of amenities for the homeless/poor.  And it seems a lot of folks have this same idea.  There are homeless folks everywhere. For us, this is a ministry paradise.  p3160036

We joined up with Lupe Haley’s food sharing ministry on Monday.  Seth and Dave Taylor got to join us also (since they just “happened” to be in town).  There really is nothing better than sitting on the beach with new friends and food.  We met lots of people, prayed with a few, and were given these huge piles of food on paper plates with a cup of Crush soda.  There were piles of day-old bread and pastries available for the taking that had been donated from various grocery stores, tracks that our kids helped hand out and then these little can openers that some elderly lady made that had a verse attached to them.  It was a random smattering of things that were offered but they were gladly received.  The extra food that is not taken, is taken directly to the poor in Mexico.

Seren praying with Dave (not Dave Taylor)

The homeless have much respect for Lupe.  She has been serving the poor for almost 20 years and NEVER misses Mondays.  She was homeless for 3 months and it changed her life.  Her life has been dedicated to loving Jesus, loving the homeless and sharing the Hope she has living inside of her nomatter what.  She does not have much but what she has, she gives.  Her faith and confidence in God’s provision and authority over her life is incredible.  We were honored to be a part of this sharing time.  We are looking forward to going down to spend some more time with some of the people we met on the beach.  img_1397


2 Responses

  1. May God continue to bless you as you continue to provide quality and informative substance to your posts. We will be praying that God continues to bless the work of your ministry. God Bless – Rev. Jim Wilson

  2. We just found your site, and praise the Lord for sending you out of your comfort zone to minister to others. We have been on the road full time for almost 2 years now, (Jan. 2009) and were in San Diego when this post was written also. I remember the day because my wife’s water broke, awaiting the birth of our 4th child, a son. The story is long and bitter, but our son Joshua was born 3.25.09, and died in my arms. I delivered him in an emergency setting inside our tiny 24 foot 5th wheel camper. I cannot explain the mercy and grace of the Lord during this time, but I spoke the following week at San Diego Rescue Mission. God used that night to bring souls into His family. I praise God for what He has allowed us to go through, to taste a little of the heartbreak that others feel every day. I just wanted to share that, and would love to hear from your family.
    Update- Samuel David Cowperthwaite was born 2.8.10, a healthy, and now quite large and happy little boy. He will never replace our beloved Joshua, but the giggles and hugs of this precious new son have made life that much easier to walk through as we travel the country, serving churches and showing the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    May the grace of God dwell with you richly as you seek to serve Him, in the love of Christ

    Mark Cowperthwaite

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