Harbor Presbyterian Church

Harbor Presbyterian is a church planting church that has unique vision for the city of San Diego.  We have been encouraged by their hearts to develop relationships within the church body and ALSO reach out to their community.  They have now planted 8 small church bodies throughout the city of San Diego and will continue to plant as the Lord grows these little cells.  They begin the church planting process when a body gets bigger than 140 people.  This number comes from an actual church planting theory that claims this is when relationships begin fading among a group of people.  They are attempting to bring the Church back to its roots by creating an atmosphere of relationship, accountability, action and intimacy.  This is very difficult, if impossible, with a mega church.

Harbor has also kept fellowship among the church plants by worshiping together periodically. This has created quite a web of believers across the city of San Diego who have a beautiful heart for reaching the lost and spreading the Gospel throughout their hometown.

Attempting to not be too biased in this post, we have really enjoyed our times with the smaller churches.  They are typically (not always, namely referring to Forest Hill- a huge mega church that had SUPERB hospitality) a more friendly and warm place to land as a family who is new in town.  Small bodies seem more connected as a family group and have had the ability to direct us to individuals who might have special talents and gifting that might benefit our family/ministry.

As we all know, God is all about relationship and building the Church; preparing her for the day the Bridegroom returns.  When we see churches focusing on this and trying their hardest (not always easy) to stay away from money issues, numbers, buildings, looking hip, and programs, we are refreshed and encouraged.  Thank you Harbor for your heart for the lost, the Church, and our big, loving God!


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